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Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. Doug went thru some rough spots and had to have 25 units of blood in a 4 month span. He had an ablation and now the bleeding has stopped. He's had several iron infusions and his last petscan was negative. He has a spot on his thyroid that they are watching. He is having another EGD with biopsies on December 26th. Thankful for another Christmas and praying for good results.
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He had another ct scan recently and the dr says there are two new "flecks" in his lung. There were two spots that showed up when he was diagnosed but didn't change any during treatment. Doctor seems to think they are "nothing to worry about". The two new "flecks" concern me but she doesn't think it's anything either. Doug is ok with this ... so I guess I have to be also. Any advice?
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I have had scans that showed all kinds of odd little things-some are still there unchanged after a year or more, others have disappeared over time (and that includes three spots that hadn't shown up on previous scans, so they were "new"). We cancer folks have so many things we have to worry about...if the doc says not to worry about these little flecks, then I say that's excellent advice! Hugs-Ann
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Take Doug's lead on this and listen to the Dr. Ann is right, so much to worry about with this, appreciate the "news"...GOOD LUCK I HOPE THEY GO AWAY ON THE NEXT SCAN
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